Before you reach for your daily dose of Vitamin D, Zinc, or Vitamin C supplements, you need to read this. Are your vitamins really helping you? What you discover might surprise you and change your approach to immune support forever.

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The Hidden Truth About Supplements

As parents, we strive to keep our families healthy, often turning to vitamins for immune support. But are these vitamins really helping? Today, let’s uncover some surprising facts about Vitamin D, Zinc, and Vitamin C supplements and find out are your vitamins really helping you?

Zinc Deficiency: The Real Culprit

Did you know that Zinc deficiency can cause loss of taste and smell, and even hair loss? This is especially concerning for kids and parents who need to stay healthy and energized. The primary causes of Zinc deficiency include:

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Caffeine and alcohol (for stressed-out parents)
Stress (a constant in family life)

However, overloading on Zinc supplements can be harmful. The recommended maximum daily amount of Zinc for adults is 40 mg from all sources. Check your supplement bottle—how much are you taking, especially when you or your kids feel under the weather?

Excess Zinc can lead to:
Loss of appetite
Abdominal cramps
Altered copper and iron levels
Weakened immunity
Low HDL (good cholesterol)

Experts recommend getting Zinc from food rather than supplements to ensure proper absorption and avoid side effects.

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The Vitamin C Dilemma

Vitamin C is crucial for Zinc absorption, but many Vitamin C supplements are laden with toxins, adding to your family’s toxic load rather than helping. This contributes to the aches, pains, and symptoms we often associate with colds and flu. Are your vitamins really helping you? It’s crucial to understand the impact on your family.

The Natural Solution

For my family, the solution is plant-based superfood shakes and plant powders, which are naturally rich in Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and other essential nutrients. These foods work synergistically in our bodies, offering a powerful health boost that supplements simply can’t match.

Bridging the Nutrition Gap

Consider this startling fact: USDA data shows an 84% loss of nutrition in our food from 1953 to 2000. One bowl of spinach in 1953 has the same nutritional content as 43 bowls of spinach today. This is why I advocate for products like Juice Plus and tower gardens, which help bridge the gap in our nutrition.

Final Thoughts

Taking control of our family’s health means understanding where our nutrition comes from and how best to support it naturally. Plant-based products offer a comprehensive solution by providing nutrients in their natural, most absorbable forms.

Take a moment to reflect on this information. Use Juice Plus' research to support your family’s health and share it with other parents who need to know. If your social feed is like mine, many are misled and in need of what we have to share. Are your vitamins really helping you? Now you know how to find out and take the right steps.

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