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Join me in celebrating families who have transformed their mealtime and nutrition! As a dedicated advocate for children's well-being, I'm thrilled to share their success stories. Have you experienced positive changes with my guidance? Contribute to our Family Success Stories page and inspire others. Click below to share your story. I can't wait to hear from you!

Success Story

~Kendra Cox B ~

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"Tammie is a ray of sunshine! She always has a great tip that gets me motivated, and on the right track again. Her tips have helped me stay focused and inspire others."
Success Story

~Lorie B ~

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"Thank you Tammie, for all your support! You have great positivity, and are always willing to help with advice, training, or support. We haven't met in person yet, but I do consider you a very dear friend. Keep changing the world, and spreading your light."

"Success stories" are stories that showcase achievements or positive outcomes. They are often used to demonstrate how something or someone has been successful in reaching their goals or overcoming challenges.

The veggie gummies smell bad, but don't taste bad.             It's WAY better than cups of broccoli! And the red             ones (fruit) taste good!

~ Tyler M


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Thank you, Tammie, for your incredible knowledge of Juice Plus products and healthy living! You've been so helpful and informative, making it easy to trust and love Juice Plus even more. I have been taking the Juice Plus fruit, vegetable, and berry capsules for over a year now and absolutely love them! They're such a convenient way to ensure I'm getting all the essential nutrients I need daily. Even though I strive to eat a healthy diet, I know it's impossible to get all the nutrients solely from food. What I find truly amazing is that I tend to get sick from other supplements and vitamins—they often make me feel nauseous and upset my stomach. But with Juice Plus, I don't have any of those issues!

My daughter is also a huge fan of the gummy version of the fruit, vegetables, and berries. It feels great knowing she's enjoying a healthier alternative to store-brand fruit gummies. Thank you Tammie!

~ Arianne B

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Your approach helped us tackle our child's picky eating habits 

with empathy and creativity.

~ Lyndsey R

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