Welcome to my journey of transformation! I'm Tammie, a former 2nd-grade teacher turned World-Wide nutrition mentor, and this is my WHY!

In the wild world of education, where challenges in classrooms and learning struggles are common, I recognized a common thread, leading to a common solution. I realized I was being called to trade the whiteboard for the kitchen table, sharing what I have seen and learned about the profound impact of proper food and nutrition on overcoming classroom issues.

Recognizing Classroom Issues

As a seasoned 2nd-grade teacher, I intimately understand the myriad of challenges students face in the traditional educational setting. From attention difficulties to behavioral issues, many of these challenges can be linked to underlying nutritional factors. I realize that a holistic approach to education includes addressing nutritional needs.

Connecting the Dots

Unraveling the connection between food and academic performance, I dove into key research findings from experts and testimonials from parents who experienced positive changes in their children’s learning journey through improved nutrition.

Offering Support and Resources

I am now fulfilling my call to share what I have learned, how I can support, and tools I have created to change the lives of young learners and their families. From practical tips for parents to educational materials for teachers. I am excited to be a former teacher contributing to a healthier learning environment for a wider audience beyond what I could do within my own classroom walls.

In closing, my journey from the classroom to the kitchen has illuminated the vital connection between “Nutrition and Learning.” As a former teacher and now a nutrition mentor, I'm committed to empowering educators, parents, and families to harness the power of nutrition in addressing classroom challenges and enhancing the learning experience. Together, we can create a healthier, more successful educational journey for our children. Stay tuned for more insights and strategies on “Nutrition and Learning” as we continue to explore this transformative path.

Thank you for joining me on this journey from the classroom to the kitchen, where we explore the transformative power of “Nutrition and Learning.” If you're as passionate as I am about creating healthier, more successful educational experiences for our children, I invite you to stay connected.

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Tammie Mattos
Tammie Mattos

Thanks for reading my blog! I'm Tammie Mattos, your family nutrition mentor. Let's make mealtime joyful and nutritious for your kids. With personalized solutions and a nurturing approach, I'm here to empower you. Join our community, and let's create healthy, happy family meals together!

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