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If you are talking to everyone then your message gets lost in the crowd.

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"Finding your ideal prospect is so very important when building your business. Learning how to do it right is the ultimate key. I'm so glad I found this resource to get me on the right track! What a great difference it has made to help me grow."

~Adrienne C

"As someone who has spent a significant amount of time online, I've come to appreciate the importance of regularly posting to my avatar. Sharing my thoughts, experiences, and interests with my avatar has been an important connection, as I work to establish myself as an entrepreneur in a competitive market.Overall, I've found that posting to my avatar is a crucial part of my online communication and representation."

~Shannon B

Here are a few things you'll get from this              Free Blueprint:

Identifying Your Ideal Prospect
Defining Your Prospects Demographics  
Understanding Your Prospects Dreams, Desires, Pains, Struggles

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